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Ambulance Deals Stat (“ADS”) is a division of SOUTHEAST BUSINESS EXCHANGE. ADS specializes in the confidential sale of ambulatory transport businesses and emergency vehicles & equipment. Our expertise and knowledge is in facilitating the confidential sale of both ground transport operations providing BLS, ALS, Wheel Chair services, in addition to Air Transport services (Roter & Fixed Wing). Throughout our fifteen (15) plus year history, we have also sold a significant number of businesses that are manufacturers or distributors of emergency vehicles and other related EMS equipment and many other types of heathcare-related businesses.

Our talented professionals have comprehensive knowledge and experience within the non-emergency and emergency transport fields and have completed a significant number of transactions within this industry. Selling an ambulatory transport business is quite complex; much more so than most other business types.  This is where our wealth of experience comes in.  There are nine (9) key factors that affect the overall value of any ambulance business.  All of these have a direct affect on each company’s valuation range in the market accordingly.  Due to these reasons, we strongly advise owners to consult with our professionals at ADS prior to considering a sale. Due to our experience in selling these  types of businesses on a regular basis, we are much more in touch with any market changes and also what these businesses are currently selling for, compared to other firms who do not specialize in the industry.

Our firm’s objectives are to find the right “fit” between buyer and seller. To properly facilitate and execute our unique sale process, it is essential for us to acquire a widespread awareness about our clients and their business practices. Once we are able to understand your business operation, your service area and its distinctive characteristics, the result will be a successful completion of the transaction at the maximum price point for you.



We currently see several trends occurring in the industry that will present obstacles for the smaller to mid-sized ambulance operators to effectively compete long term and remain profitable. Many of these changes require a significant amount of additional capital to be invested into the business for both technology, as well as adding additional key management personnel and this historically has not been requisite to effectively compete in the marketplace.



We understand the complexities and the demands of this distinctive industry and know how to properly position your business in the marketplace. As a result of our impeccable reputation and our experience in the industry, we have a very deep pool of buyers who contact us regularly in their search for acquiring ambulance operations in various states and areas. These include a variety of buyer types (below). We presently perform our confidential services in a 15 state region and we’re responsive to the selective criteria that each buyer requires in an acquisition, as they are varied.

PLEASE NOTE: This is where our vast level of knowledge and expertise works to our clients’ advantage, as we do not waste your time with buyers who are not compatible with your particular operation.



  • Strategic buyers who own ambulance companies
  • Synergistic buyers who own other healthcare-related entities and who are seeking
    to grow and diversify
  • Private Equity Groups
  • High Net Worth Individuals with healthcare & logistics backgrounds.



Ultimately, as a result of our exceptional methods and business practices and our extensive database of active ambulance service buyers, we have been extraordinarily successful at securing multiple offers for all of our clients. In all of our transactions we have secured at least three simultaneous offers for each of our clients. Our selling strategies and processes permit a business owner to maximize the value of their business and maintain the strictest of confidentiality. Please contact us today for additional information and to learn more about the incomparable approach we will take to promote the confidential sale of your business.



Based upon our extensive knowledge & expertise of selling ambulance services and healthcare-related businesses, we have been recognized by the leading publisher within the Mergers & Acquisition industry, Business Brokerage Press, as being an Industry Expert with these fields.

Please click here for a list of our current AMBULANCE &HEALTHCARE businesses that are available OR click here for a list of a few of our recent TRANSACTIONS.



Ambulance Deals Stat has several partnerships with companies who specialize in improving operations and financial performance of both private, for profit and nonprofit ambulance companies, as well as for hospital-based ambulance operations. Please contact Reed Law for more information:



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